Our Mission

The Dunning Neighborhood Organization (DNO) enhances the quality of life in our community by encouraging communication, collaboration, and community pride among neighbors. We work together to support excellence in our schools, beautify our neighborhood, celebrate our diversity, and create a safe and welcoming community, while making friends of neighbors and having fun.

Our Principles

Self-selection A major principle of the DNO should be self-selection. Self-selection means if you want to be involved, you get involved. It means if you want something to happen, you make it happen by showing up and persuading your neighbors  to join your cause. It means if you want to have power within the organization, you can simply start showing up at meetings. No election or appointments are necessary to gain authority; the person just has to choose to give his or her time. Anybody who puts forward a reasonable amount of effort can form a committee.

Leverage In return for giving time, the resident gains the leverage of the DNO’s voice, communications infrastructure and funding. Our by-laws make it easy for individuals to gain this authority through committee formation. As long as the committee shows progress toward a goal, it can maintain its association as a DNO committee.

Transparency As the saying goes, information is power. To maintain a level playing field within the organization, we  share information as possible. Information is posted online including financial statements, meeting minutes, committee reports and meeting schedules.

Consensus Zero-sum decisions and winner-take-all votes can be divisive. While the DNO practices majority rule, we  respect the minority opinion. In practice, this means giving all members a chance to have their say, incorporating  dissenting opinions into any action and providing an opportunity for the dissenting opinion to be revisited after the majority action has been taken.