January 2015 Steering Committee Minutes

Present: Jim Ignatowski, Terri Ignatowski, Ed Bannon (Acting President), Kirsten Yehl (new member), Phil Garofalo, Jessie Cuaresma, Jae Cuaresma, Kerry Murphy, Melissa Kaszynski

Called to order:

  • First to order, November 18 email from DNO Gmail account was accidentally sent without blind cc, so all emails were shared with all members.
  1. Kerry Murphy will now be responsible for email communication via the secure DNO website.
  2. Ed drafted an email apology for the accidental email address exposure. The response was discussed. Ed's email will include an addendum that reads that members should report for spam if they believe their email was obtained without consent. Email approved by Board members Phil Garofalo, Jessie Cuaresma, Jae Cuaresma, Kerry Murphy, and Melissa Kaszynski.
  • Introductions for our new member Kirsten Yehl.
  • Beer committee: interest from Melissa, Ed, Kirsten, Phil, Jae, and Jessie
  • Minutes approved from December’s Board Meeting made by Kerry, seconded by Melissa
  • Financials approved by Kerry, seconded by Jessie
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • 501c3 application: bylaws to be amended to include certain wording,

                        1. Purpose:

                        2. Dissolution

                        3. File Form 1023

                        4. Still need to file 990EZ

5. We can operate as a 501c3 for up to three years without filing but we won't have the 501c3 letter until it's complete

                        6. Meeting to finalize 501c3 details set for Friday, Ed, Phil, and Jae to  participate

  • Election process: Phil will serve as election chair following procedures in Robert's Rules of Order as stated in the bylaws. Elections will take place at the January 28 meeting at Dunning Branch Library.
  • Jae to provide a list of voting members for the January meeting
  • Plans/Goals 2015
  1. Friends of Hiawatha Park to partner with the DNO on a spring clean up, details to come
  2. Block party set for August in partnership with Dunning Library Summer Learning Challenge
  3. Melissa to reach out to Portage Park Neighborhood Organization about sponsoring neighbor nights out together and swapping hoods
  4. Kerry spoke to the need for a neighborhood high school. Kirsten suggested we look into a neighborhood school that also has an IB program. There is empty land that was given by the state to the city of Chicago to be used as a high school. The lease on the land was set to expire in 2015, but Representative Martwick and Senator Mulroe got a 10 year extension on the lease. Rahm Emanuel said he would fund half of the high school, but there is not enough money in the TIF.
  5. Sign up to get involved with the Schools committee will be on the agenda for the Jan. 28 meeting
  • Banners: Phil contacted four Chicago based banner companies. Alpha Graphics quoted on two banners sizes, small $115 per banner, large banners $250. City of Chicago streetscaping guidelines for banners discussed.  
  1. DNO would provide the art. Twenty of the large ones would cost $5000. The banner company would provide the installation and removal for an additional $4000. City requires that the banners are taken down and stored. A permit is required.
  2. Banner logo contest idea floated.
  3. Phil will get quotes from three more banner businesses
  4. Art design, raising funds, permit
  • Mural Project: Ed is going to take on the mural project. Alderman Nick Sposato referred Ed to an artist that he will contact. Melissa can also contact Rob Sebanc to do the mural.
  • Awesome fund: look into these small grants for funding
  • Teen Advisory Council--Melissa will work on putting together a council to help the DNO serve teens and get them more involved.

Meeting Date: 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015