November 2014 Steering Committee Minutes

In attendance: Sue Santoro, Kerry Murphy, Jim Ignatowski, Teresa Giannini, Terri Ignatowski, Jose and Jessie, Amelia Kabat, Melissa Kaszynski, Roy Ligammari, Nick Sposato, Bob Sperber.

Sue from New Horizons gave background on the organization, including history and mission.

Christmas Party at Draft on Friday, Dec. 5 and all proceeds will go toward New Horizons. Discussion ensued to switch the date from Dec. 4 to Dec. 5. There is a Hawks game on Dec. 5 which might increase the crowd.

Start time 6 PM - 10 PM, raffle to take place at 10 PM. There will be a $10 cover at the door. There will be multiple raffles

Drink specials will be included. Appetizers will be included in the entrance fee. Draft will cover the food costs. DJ will hopefully be included for entertainment.

Banner and signage will be provided from the liquor distributor.

Raffle prizes will be furnished by New Horizons. Nick and Teresa will try to find raffles in addition to what New Horizons provides.

Tickets filled out for door prizes will have contact information for all attendants which can be used by the DNO to create contact lists.

NIck Sposato will bring his split the pot raffle wheel.

Try to add the party to the DNA info newsletter: who will contact Heather Cherone? Kerry will contact Heather Cherone.

Create a list of phone numbers for all Board of Director members

Membership price: $20 for household (2 votes maximum) or $10 for individuals, $5 for seniors, $20 for businesses/associates (no voting rights), Honorary members waived. Passed with 8 votes.

Nominations and voting will be held at the January 2015. If there is more than one nomination for an office, paper ballots will be passed out.

Discussion of Board of Directors meetings monthly, but quarterly meetings for general members. Choose months for meetings.

Ideas for future meetings: illegal conversions, Dept. of Zoning attend??

Meeting Date: 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014