December 2014 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Ed Bannon Melissa Kaszynski Kerry Murphy Amelia Cardone-Kabat Jim Ignatowski Phil Schwartz

6:40 Ed calls meeting to order Amelia seconds Phil Schwartz is introduced from the Portage Park Neighborhood association. Is a 501c4. Concept is to promote the organization. Have done forums for Alderman, Senator and state representatives. Only had an issue when the Guzzardi debate occurred. No politicking is allowed at meetings. No questions in advance. Questions are solicited by website, Facebook, and twitter. Tomorrow we will find out how many aldermanic candidates there still are. Friends of Portage park and Chamber of Commerce will each be hosting an aldermanic forum. Questions to be submitted by the community and chosen by the organizations. DNO will not be a co-sponsor of the aldermanic forum, nor we will host our own. We all agreed to only promote the two other forums via our Facebook page but not put our name on it.

Kurt Summers joined the meeting at approximately 6:45. Mentioned the incident regarding of one of our DNO steering committee member’s father’s in his garage. Kurt said he will speak to the CPD chief about us only having one beat cop on duty for 2 beats. This is the 20th meeting Kurt has attended.

Alderman Sposato joined the meeting at approximately 7pm. Kurt discussed his mission and is requesting ideas from the community about how to create revenue, such as offering the option for community members to invest in TIF bond, or allowing communities to set up lending institutions to their own individual communities. The new lending program for the CPS preschool initiative was discussed, the high school needs of the community were discussed. Mr. Summer’s assistant requested that she be given a main point of contact for the DNO. Kerry Murphy was nominated to keep the communication channels open and relay any issues that the DNO as a whole may have to Mr. Summer’s office. Mr. Summers left the meeting at approx. 8:15. Due to lack of time, the discussion of action items for the following year were tabled until the next board meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm.

Meeting Date: 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014