Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

Movies at the park:

  • Hiawatha Park
  • 2 dates at dusk: July 19th, and August 29th
  • Toss up between: Avatar, Ghostbusters, Goonies, and Wizard of Oz for 7/19
  • Toss up between: Ferris Bueller’s day off and Karate Kid- 8/29
  • Saturday: More adult oriented
  • Sunday: More family oriented
  • City comes out, surveys the land, sets up and tears down, w/ popcorn (free); we may purchase their popcorn if we need more
  • Asking theaters to donate boxes of popcorn
  • Ed has a contact for popcorn
  • City supplies a banner with sponsors (DNO & Friends of Hiawatha Park), lists movie and date, beginning through middle of May
  • Banners made by FHP, will have logos on them to sponsors who have donated more than $100
  • Membership tables: selling glow stuff as the DNO (merchandise)
  • DNO to split the 50/50 pot: Ask John (Movies at the park guy)
  • Member discounts for banner/sponsorship to add logo/name
  • Considerations:
    • Food Truck (up to standards) on city street, not on park
    • Concession stands: Youth Baseball will have both days ($415) if they can handle the concession stands, will go to movies at the park, but they will keep the money they make those days
  • Vendors
    • Lighting
    • Electricity
    • Tables
  • Ask about revenues that youth baseball is making for the events
  • Volunteer roles:
    • Manage and recruit pre and post clean up
    • 50/50
    • March 29th 11:30AM-2: Draft, buy a wristband ($25), unlimited beer (bottle, drafts, bloody Mary’s), 20% goes to MatP
    • Create a Save the Date (Paper distribution: Jason)


Clean and Green:

  1. Hiawatha project: raking leaves, mulching, add woodchips around the trees, go to library and clean there
  2. Reed-Dunning conservation work Saturday, April 18th (Kerry and Jason)
  3. Mt. Olive Cemetery or Harlem and Irving Park, can we clean there?



  • Reach out to owners and raise $2,000
  • Possible sites:
    • 3500 N. Harlem
    • 3400 Harlem
  • 3215 Harlem

No DNO meeting this month. Next board meeting 4/14,


Meeting Date: 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015