February Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

DNO Steering Committee Minutes

Feb. 10, 2015, Shabbona Park

Attendance: Ed Bannon, Jae Cuaresma, Rebecca Dillavou, Phil Garofalo, Kerry Murphy and Kathe Serritelli.

Call to order: Ed called the meeting to order at 6:35.

Minutes: Kerry made a motion to approve the January meeting minutes and Phil seconded. Motion carried.

Financials: The January bank statement was distributed for review. The balance as of Jan. 31 was $269.68. Ed noted that Ald. Sposato donated the $200 to cover the rest of the 501(c)3 application fee. Once that check is deposited, we will have the funding to move forward with the application.


By-laws: An amendment was discussed on the eligibility to be an officer. The change would require those running for vice president and secretary to be resident members for six months. The draft by-laws required them to be board members, which would have meant they had to attend four of the last six board meetings. That qualification will remain for the president and treasurer. It was felt the change would make it easier to run for the less sensitive vice president and secretary positions. Kerry made a motion to pass the by-laws as presented with the above-referenced change to the election of the vice president and secretary. Phil seconded. Motion carried.


Movies in the Park: Rebecca presented a plan to partner with Friends of Hiawatha Park to bring Movies in the Park back to Hiawatha Park. The event will provide a nice community event that the DNO can help bring to the neighborhood. Rebecca has been in contact with Stacy Babich, FOHP president, and Larry Krawetz, Hiawatha Park supervisor, to make this happen. It costs $1,250 to bring one movie to the park. A funding widget that Kerry set up on the DNO page had quickly raised $585. The donations go directly to the FOHP account. The funding deadline is March 13 for all the paperwork and funding to be submitted to the park district. There was talk about different funding mechanisms and sponsorships, including combining a Harlem Ave. banner sponsorship with this program. In the end, it was decided to provide Rebecca with a business membership form that she can distribute when she solicits for business sponsorships for Movies in the Park. The park district has many regulations on activities and vendors during the event.  The park district provides 150 bags of popcorn for the event. It was determined that DNO could distribute membership material at the event.

To Dos: Ed will draft the business sponsorship material and provide it to Rebecca.



Harlem Ave. banners: Phil reported he has gathered research on the banners. He knows more about the rules and regulations now having obtained the actual forms that need to be filed, which wasn’t as easy as you might expect. The banner design was briefly discussed. Phil determined the banners are not required to be 8-feet long as he was previously told, so that could help with some design issues. Phil and Kerry will discuss the designs. His research came up with a list of vendors to get quotes from, so he will be contacting those as well as local vendors.

To Do: Phil will continue research


Mural: Ed has been in contact with the artist referred by Ald. Sposato. That artist has provided some info about his qualifications. Ed will put that into a document for distribution when trying to find a building for painting the mural. Kathie offered to help with the mural as she has painted murals before when she worked for the Chicago Park District.  

To Do: Ed will locate possible mural sites and will put together info packet.


501(c)3 application: Jae said the application can be submitted electronically, so no further signatures or filling out forms are needed. We discussed how to appropriately acknowledge the alderman’s donation without being political. A policy was discussed about how to acknowledge all donations no matter who they are from. It was suggested that any donation to the DNO of more than $100 will be acknowledged as a “major donor” through social media, our website and any other means.  On our website, donors of all levels to the Movies in the Park project as well as our Holiday Party will also be acknowledged. All donors will be acknowledged on the same website page subject to Kerry being able to fit all donors on one page. Ed made the motion and Phil seconded. Motion carried.


Jae said some by-laws changes should be made in order to comply with IRS requirements for 501(c)3s. He presented the wording changes, which were minor. They require a reference to the 1954 IRS code be replaced with wording “or corresponding section of any future federal tax code.” Kerry made the motion to accept the changes and Phil seconded. Motion carried.


Related to the website page, Kerry asked how business members would be acknowledged on the site. She said the $20 business membership seemed too low because the business members are getting their logo and a link on our website. Also, charging so little reduces the perceived value of the membership. Ed suggested $100 but that was deemed too high. Phil said to split the difference at $75. Ed made a motion to charge $75 for a business membership. Phil seconded. Motion carried.


To Do: Jae to submit application. Kerry to create page on DNO site. Ed to make by-laws change.


Feb. meeting agenda:

The agenda will be as follows:

a.   Introductions

b.  Speaker: Gino Bartucci of BarTucci

c.  Elections

d.  Project reports

         i.   Banners

         ii.  Mural

         iii. Movies in the Park

         iiii. Clean & Green: April 18

Next meeting: 6:30 p.m., April 29, at Dunning Library, 7455 W. Cornelia


A discussion about the 2015 Neighbors Meeting schedule followed. It was proposed  to hold Neighbors Meetings during the months of April, June, August and October. December will be the holiday party. Ed made a motion to schedule the Neighbors Meetings as proposed and to hold them all at the Dunning Library. Kerry seconded. Motion carried.


Elections: The committee discussed the election procedure for the Feb. 25 meeting. Kerry withdrew her nomination as vice president and Phil said he would run as vice president. Kerry will moderate the election portion of the agena. Other candidates are Ed for president, Jae as treasurer and Jesse Cuaresma as secretary. The candidates will be announced then nominations will be taken from the floor. If there are nominations from the floor, any candidate in a contested election will be given 2 minutes to speak and then ballots will be distributed. Only resident members will be given ballots. the written ballots will be collected and counted by Kerry and a non-candidate witness. If there are no contested elections, the election can be decided by voice vote.


A list of the current board members based on the by-laws was discussed. The attendance from previous board meetings was reviewed to determine who is eligible to run for president and treasurer. The current list is here.


To Dos: Jae will bring a list of resident members. Ed will bring the ballots. (This was later changed to have a non-candidate bring the ballots.)


Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m. Next meeting: 6:30 p.m., Tuesday, March 10. Location TBA.



Meeting Date: 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015